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Hi There!

I’m Jenny, a wedding and family photographer based on the North East Coast of Ireland.

When I’m not shooting I’m usually at home with my hubby, our boys and fur baby Blinn.


My Dad who is from here, fell in love with a beautiful French girl in the 80s and not long after, they were blessed with the arrival of yours truly. I spent the first few years of my life in France and many a long, balmy summer holiday in Provence.  


I’ve been forever obsessed with flicking through old albums in my parent’s house, captivated by the memories and emotion an image can evoke. At a single glance, you can be transported years back to how you felt, the sound, the scents.

I look at old photographs, before the age of selfies and digital media where perfectionism now takes precedence over raw, unfiltered moments and feel glad I grew up in a time where I never felt preoccupied with how I would look in the photograph, because the option to check and retake simply wasn't there.


Having lived with that luxury now, I realise that ignorance really was bliss in this instance. The perfect shots in my eyes are still those natural shots, moments documented as they are. The beauty in an image to me is neither in the technical set up or physical attributes of the subject but the feelings that the most simple of moments can stir up within the beholder.


My intent is to take images which do exactly that.

One of my deepest discomforts in life is my children growing up in a digital, throw-away culture where physical beauty seems to outweigh internal beauty...A throw-away culture where once physical beauty fades, you also fade.


I want them to look back on the images of us and be transported to that moment and relive what was felt not focus how we looked. I want that for them and I want that for my clients. I'm reclaiming those moments for what they are - not the plastic version of what they should be.


Because, I know when I'm elderly and my grandchildren are looking back on our photographs, it's not my hairstyle and my crow’s feet, double chin or lazy eye they'll be focused on - it's the connection. It's only ever been about connection and why that's what I strive for in an age striving for aesthetic perfection.

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